Friday, 27 February 2015


Delighted and surprised employee

We love employers like CaratLane. The makers of urban-chic diamond jewellery recently treated their women employees to a lovely surprise on Valentine's Day. A day ahead of D-Day, elegantly wrapped gift packages were placed on every woman employees desk with sweet personalized note conveying words of appreciation like:“You’re are Beautiful, You are Amazing, You’re Loved!”. When the employees came to work the next day, they were in for a pleasant surprise. Each gift package contained  five of their favourite jewellery pieces from Needless to say, their expressions were priceless. We think this gesture by an employer to the employees is just F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. 

PS: We also love the jewellery. AND this is not a paid post. Nothing on Nila Tamaraa is. What we love and enjoy, we share it with our readers. :)

Gorgeous pieces

Love those little notes of appreciation

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