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"Bangalore is quirky," says Aliyeh Rizvi who has lived in the city for more than three decades.

Aliyeh Rizvi
Name: Aliyeh Rizvi

Where are you from?

How long have you lived in this place?
Over 30 years.

What do you do?
I run Native Place, which works to find alternative ways in which to connect/involve people with their local history and culture through experiences (walks and events) and documentation (travel, heritage, culture).

Where can we see your work? (website in progress).

What is Bangalore famous for — food/music/dance/achitecture?
  • ·        Local food from local communities —Tamil, Andhra, Kerala, Marathi, Muslim, Cutchi  Memon, Iyengar — that reinforce its unique cosmopolitanism.
  • ·        The original Kingfisher beer-rock pubs, not lounge bars!
  • ·        Five unique, inclusive street processions/ festivals that are a part of the city calendar:   The Pete Karaga, Ulsoor Poo Pallakki, Kadlekai Parishe, Moharrum Juloos, St.Mary’s Feast.

What are the 3 best kept secrets of Bangalore, which only the locals are aware of?
  • ·        Bangalore is a spirited city: The first Sepoy Mutiny was initiated here at the Bangalore Fort, Kalasipalayam in 1832, much before Meerut in 1857.
  • ·        Bangaloreans are brainy: Nimhans (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) in Wilson Garden has a Brain Museum!
  • ·        Bangalore is quirky: It rains here during April-May in the height of summer and primarily in the evenings during the monsoon.

3 foods that one should taste in Bangalore and where can we find it?
  • ·        Siddappa’s Mess: For the softest idli’s and dosas. # 38, 7th Main, 5th Cross, Sampangiram Nagar, Bangalore.Open from 8:00 am – 11:00 am. Cash only. To be paid under the Peepul Tree.
  • ·        Maratha Darshan: Spicy non-vegetarian military cuisine at  Thimmiah Road, off Queen’s Road. Open for lunch only. 12 noon-3pm. Mondays closed.
  • ·        Tava phaal (mutton stir-fry) and Bangalore Biriyani at:  the Bangalore Muslim food stalls on MM Road during Ramzaan.6 pm onwards. Cash only.

    3 best places to shop
  • ·        Rukmini Hall, Chicketpet Main Road for traditional silk sarees.  
  • ·        Subbamma’s Angadi, HB Samaja Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavangudi for condiments  (chutney podi, holige, obbattu, kodbaLe, sakkare acchu,).
  • ·        Balaji’s Antiques, Avenue Road for vintage memorabilia and his stories.

3 sights one should definitely see?
  • ·        The wholesale flower market in KR Market off Avenue Road
  • ·        The 9th century hero stone or Vira-Gallu at the Government Museum, Kasturba Road that bears the first recorded name of Bengaluru.
  • ·        Bhoganandishwara Temple in Nandigram village, Chikkaballapur, near Nandi Hills if you cannot make it to Hampi.

3 things a traveller should know about Bangalore?
  • ·        The only way to REALLY see the city is to WALK.
  • ·        The best way to get around town is by smiling genuinely and being polite.
  • ·        We speak Kannada here, not Kannad.

3 things a traveller should do in your city?
  • ·        Take a morning walk through the flowering trees of Cubbon Park and admire the Frangipani and Cassia blossoms next to King Edward’s statue.
  • ·        Order scrambled eggs on toast for brunch at India Coffee House, Church Street
  • ·        Wander through the local markets in the Bengaluru Pete off Avenue Road.

 And finally, what are the 3 things a traveller should not do in Bangalore?
  • ·        Don’t call auto drivers bhaiyya. Guru, Sir, Anna will do fine.
  • ·        Don’t flash big notes and irritate bus conductors. Carry correct change.
  • ·        Don’t ask for instant coffee.

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