Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Say what you want about Tokyo — just don’t call it boring or predictable. There’s no shortage of things to do in the city, particularly when it comes to activities of a quirkier nature. Here’s a roundup of the weirdest and most wonderful experiences to be had in Japan’s capital.

Eat at Robot restaurant

Few experiences are more discombobulating than an evening at Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant, best described as a loud, colorful cabaret show that stretches your senses to their absolute limit. Starring scantily clad majorettes, an army of dancing 8-foot tall robots, and a soundtrack packed with hits from Broadway musicals (the theme fromDreamgirls was my personal favorite), a stop here is well worth your time.

Visit Maid Cafe

Japan’s growing fetish culture, along with its love for cosplay (a phenomenon where die-hard fans dress up as their favorite anime and comic book characters), have birthed the "maid cafe"—an establishment where waitresses prance around in maid costumes and play personal servant to patrons as though they were in a private home. The ladies, often of a younger persuasion, affect cutesy voices and gestures while tending to customers, addressing them as "Master" and "Mistress." Along with typical cafe fare, the menu is adorned with a variety of "alternative" services, ranging from spoon-feeding to ear cleaning. I went to chain Maidreamin in Tokyo’s Akihibara district, but the popularity of these cafes means that they can be found all around the city. Read more