Saturday, 20 September 2014


I got  my hands on Locus City Cards — Bangalore Edition. Swell! These are a set of pocket-sized maps/city-guides packed in a simple, but arty, well-crafted brown box with interesting illustrations, and it is brought out by Locus Infotainment Pvt.Ltd.

The Bangalore Edition consists of:

1. City map
2. Map of MG Road
3. Map of 'in & around Koramangala'
4. Bangalore heritage & sightseeing
5. Bangalore cuisines
6. Bangalore 'in & around' Lavelle Road
7. Bangalore 'in & around' Whitefield
8. Bangalore essentials — population, climate, getting around...those kinda essential guide-book-variety info
9. Bangalore bazaar
10. Banglaore 'in & around' Indiranagar
11. Bangalore art and culture
12. A card introducing Locus.


  • Oh, the whole package is very cute — yeah, yeah, it cliched...I know — but it is a 'cute' cliche and handy. One can either carry the whole box in one's handbag or carry the individual maps.
  • The maps are accurate. The content — easy-breezy and adequate — for someone brand-new in the city or foreigners. 
  • For those who are confused about where to start getting to know the city....these maps can be a god-send; it gives you a reference point; an easy starting-point too and helps you to discover the city on your own. You get an idea as to what you can see, where to eat, what to eat, where to shop, local flavours etc. No great shakes, you can get all that info from Mr.Google, still there's something about holding a map in hand while standing on a strange road and discovering things for yourself.
  • These cards are great for solo travellers.
Not so likey...
  • It's forgotten an entire and important section of the city — old Bangalore. You
    know....Jayanagar, Basavangudi, Malleshwaram....those areas.
  • The easy-breezy content is more old wine in a new bottle. 
  • This seems to be aimed at foreign travellers — you know give them what they expect; so you have the same old destinations, same old places to visit, same old-same old. Yes agreed, some of the places mentioned are iconic and are a must-see...what I am saying is ....why follow the old trail when you there are many new ones. It's the same old content — which you get in any guidebook — packaged in a stylish manner. (Oh by the way, full-marks for the's a beauty!)

Oh, how I wish the box contained...
  • A map about new places to visit...
  • This city is famous for its walks — heritage walks and food walks...a guide on that would've been handy.
  • A map of old Bangalore.

...and the verdict is...
  • Great pocket guide for foreigners or first-time visitors to Bangalore.
  • Will make great gifts — especially for visiting corporate guests.
  • Ideal to discover the city on your own — in bits and pieces — without getting overwhelmed.