Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Legendary international artist, Liu Bolin, also known as the Invisible Man, had come down from Beijing to participate in Art Bengaluru 2014.  He created some exclusive art works in the city for his celebrated 'Hiding in the city' series (You can read about Liu Bolin and his works here). 

Here's a look at the artworks he created in the city...

Liu Bolin's Auto Drivers of Bangalore: His art work featured 10 auto drivers from the city. It's aim: to shed light on the perpetual traffic issues, smoke and pollution in the city.

Liu Bolin's attempt to understand Indian society and the issues plaguing the girl child/woman. 

Bolin attempted to highlight numerous issues affecting the girl child/woman in India though this art work. The representation of a single girl child blending silently into the background while her classmates continue to enjoy their play-time in school, oblivious to her unhappy state of mind, is to emphasize the fact that there are many children/women who are facing horrific gender issues behind closed doors while society at large is unaware of their plight. While they continue to suffer silently, people around them go on with their lives.

Liu Bolin at work
 Liu Bolin's Hiding in the city series goes to the slums of Marathalli in Bangalore: Apparently, one of the first things that struck Bolin about India is the disparity between the rich and the poor here — Just like in China! The artist in him desired to express his sympathy towards the poor, which resulted in this particular art work.

The blue of the slum tents standing out against the backdrop of a high-rise construction behind, creating a distinctive contrast. Liu Bolin explains this artwork as: "The purpose was to blend these people into their background, at the same time emphasizing their presence by making them the subject of the work. The idea was to draw attention to them and give a wake up call to the more privileged members of society to come forward to do their bit to help give these people a better future."

Read about Liu Bolin and his work here