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He is a carpet salesman who travels all around the globe. His twin passions are food & beer. At the end of a hard working day, he returns to the hotel room only to venture out again in search of adventure — in food & beer. He's drank more amount of beer than a dozen people put together; he has a belly to prove. Over to Vishy Shenoy, an extreme beer lover whose life mission is to taste and burp every beer ever to have been brewed on this planet. (This is just the beginning — part I)

Yuengling-lager from Pennsylvania.....smooth! —
 at Fire & Oak Jersey City.

Didnt realise this sick beer beats Bud light as the worlds largest
 selling beer in the world according to wikipedia.
 Things people drink!

Death by Hop!! — at Davidson College.

Tusker- Kenyan Lager...... Nice note to it!! — at Times Square, New York

Redhook Gamechanger Ale is a American Pale Ale
 (APA) style  craft beer brewed by Redhook Ale Brewery,
Woodinville, Washington.At Buffalo Wild Win

The can version - Tsingtao

Harbin - from China's oldest brewery... to me , a step
 lower than Tsingtao

Singtao draft, better than the regular Tsingtao

Brewed in New York! — at Fire & Oak Jersey City.

Konig pilsner, from Beeck area of Duisburg city in the western
part of Germany. Sorry for the low quality of pictures. My battery drained
out before the beer did 

Found out something new! That beers can be mixed
 with  soft drinks to create something unique.  This one
 is the Kolsch cola , also called drecksack in Germany. 
The taste though wasn't worth a repeat


They couldn't make the beer any more crappier. So they
 let it be.  And now they can compete with Heineken and
carlsberg for the shitty beers of the world!

Warsteiner beer is brewed in the Arnsberg Forest
 Nature Park outside of Warstein, Germany.  Warsteiner is
 Germany's argest  privately owned brewery; its most
 popular  beer is 'Warsteiner Premium Verum', a pilsener 
style beer. The ingredients are forest  spring,water, two-row
 malted summer barley and all German hops.
 4.8 % alcohol content.

Handcrafted beer. I need to be in Australia for
 6 months, just tasting beer!

New additions to the Belgian beers

More Belgian beer

...and some more Belgian beer

...another one - Belgian beer that is

From Bayern, Munich -the dark version

From Hannover

Australian beer

Australian again

Aussies drink this

4 wives Pilsener.... As if one isn't sufficient for a beer!

Italian beer,but I think the Italians should stick to core
 competency of Grappa and not get
into this space

Bintang counts among the good south east
Asian beers!

Cricket without Victoria Bitter  is not just cricket!

hangs from Thailand, doesnt match upto Singha

 Chancer golden ale.

50 Lashes. 

4.9% lager beer. 100% crap from fosters! Stale pineapple
 juice tastes better.
 Australian for left foot!

5% alcohol

Tastes great

Japanese first flush beer!

 Argentinian beer - nothing great, just normal

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